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How many times have you started & Stopped a diet or workout Plan?


Fit Lab Rockport provides you more than a new plan, but also the tools
to learn how to start & stay consistent for YOUR lifestyle.

- Fit Pro coaching, programming & accountability

- Fitness Assessments

- Functional Aging Specialist

- Group fitness classes

- Personal Training

- Community

Are you doing ALL of the "right" things
with no results?

Your body and metabolism is unique
Fit Lab Rockport will help you discover what is RIGHT
for you to achieve YOUR goals.

Does the idea of adding more to your to-do list

overwhelm you? ( too.)

Fit Lab Rockport focuses on metabolic resistance training, an efficient combo of compound movements designed to increase fitness and improve body composition with as few as 2 workouts a week.

Llifting Weights
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