How many times have you started & Stopped a diet or workout workout Plan?


Fit Camp provides you more than a new plan, but also the tools to learn how to start & stay consistent for YOUR lifestyle

- Fit Pro coaching, programming & accountability

- Mobile App biometric, fitness & nutrition tracking

- Access to in person fitness coaching twice a week

-Remote & Virtual options

Are you doing ALL of the "right" things with no results?

Your body and metabolism is unique. 

Fit Camp will help you discover what is RIGHT for you to achieve YOUR goals.

Does the idea of adding more to your to-do list overwhelm you?

Fit Camp focuses on metabolic resistance training, an efficient combo of compound movements designed to increase fitness and improve body composition with as few as 2 workouts a week.

Llifting Weights

Fit Lab Rockport's Fit Camp


- Coaching - Group Fitness - Gym Access - More..... 


Fit Camp eliminates barriers to getting fit by providing accountability, professional results oriented coaching and efficient fitness schedules & nutrition tools without breaking the bank.

$150--> save $169


Fit Pro Led Fit Camp 2 days a week:

Fit Camp Weekly Schedule:

Commit to a time slot but enjoy the flexibility to mix & match!


True Coach App:

Track & Follow Personalized Fitness Plan

Track Nutrition, Personal Goals, Biometrics

On Demand Workouts

Fit Camp Perks:

Receive 28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

Coach Access via True Coach App, online group, email & text

Open Gym Access

Unlimited Group Fitness  Class Access

Monthly 1 on 1 assessment, goal setting & program adjustment

Access to Live Stream & On Demand fitness




Add Ons:

Personalized Meal Planning: Keto, 1200, 1600, 1800 calorie

Weekly Meal Prep Pick Up

Monthly Mobility, Massage & Detox Service discounts

Weight Loss Essentials