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                 Are you thirsty?

                       Are you tired all the time?

      Do you sweat a lot or not enough?

 Achy joints?                                     

    Over hungry, stalled weight loss..........the list goes on?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,

you aren’t drinking enough water.

As you head into the HOT months of South Texas weather,

you have to drink more water for optimal hydration.


You should be drinking half your bodyweight in ounces every day.

To get into the habit, we are challenging you to drink more water!


APRIL 26- MAY 28

For 4 weeks, you will track your water daily.

Take a selfie drinking water pic and post to your social media,

tag Fit Lab Rockport & add #Fithappens, #Drinkmorewater.

Turn in your water tracker every Monday for the previous week

with a pic posted to the Fit Happens Facebook Group, 

text your coach, or show us a copy at the gym.

At the end of each week, your name will go into a drawing

for the amount of days that you completed your water goal. 


Each week a winner will be announced.


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