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Welcome to the 30-Day Mind Body Transformation!

We kick off with a collective 3 Day Reboot.  Let’s face it, doing it together with support is way better than going through it solo!


Steps to Get Ready:

  • Purchase from Fit Lab or Order 3 Day Reboot+ Choose the Happy Juice or Fundamentals Pack for 30 Days

Limited quantities of Reboot+ and packs to grab off the shelf are available at the gym.   Reboot+ is $24.95 and pack prices vary. 

Do you like saving money?

Take advantage of year end savings with discounted pack pricing, FREE Reboot+ & shipping.  Click the order link below.

Order Now to get by 1/3!

Happy Juice -> Feel Good Now

Happy Juice Pack:  $124.95 (FREE Reboot+ & Shipping): CLICK TO ORDER


Fundamentals - > Root Cause -> Feel Good Long Term    Learn More-> CLICK HERE

Fundamentals Pack:  $124.95 (FREE Reboot+ & Shipping) CLICK TO ORDER


Review 3 Day Reboot Meal Plan for Optimized Nutritional Support

(Watch Video)     

Download Reboot+ Info 



Download Reboot Recipes: CLICK HERE

PUSH THE EASY BUTTON -> Have the meals ready made from Paravida Wellness!

  • Rockport Area Locals Order the 3 Day Detox Meal Plan by 3 p.m. on Sunday

  • Click Here to Order:  

    • Select Fit Lab Rockport to add to your cart

    • Select 3 Day Detox Meal Plan

  • Pick up at 4 p.m. Monday at Fit Lab Rockport


Join the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for accountability, recipes coaching and support.


Email with questions.  We love to help!

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